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Armor Interlocking Tiles:
Rated Best Garage Floor Tiles By US Army.

Garage Floor Tiles
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Beautify and protect your floor for life!

Armor Garage Floor Tiles are a great alternative to epoxy flooring, VCT or ceramic tiles. They're guaranteed to last a lifetime, are puncture-proof, crush-proof and can be easily and quickly installed over any floor!


Nobody's tiles are as strong or as durable as Armor Tiles! Armor Tiles are the number one tiles installed in Fire and EMS Departments across the country. Rated best by US Army see the testimonial in the images at top of page. You can also ask Carbo Ceramics in Texas about our garage floor tiles. They manufacture abrasive particles that enhance the cutting performance of oil well drill bits, and those tiny particles tend to spill on the floor and wear through every tile flooring they've tried as employees walked around until they tried Armor Tile. Our floor tiles are the only flooring that holds up to their abrasive cutting particles and is now the standard in their plant.

Why are Armor Tiles the best? The short answer is they are made from solid PVC and not hollow cored Polypropylene. Propylene is a much cheaper material than PVC and when combine with a hollow design you end up with an inferior floor tile prone to all sorts of problems and failures. This is what popular brand tiles look like compared to ours.

As you can plainly see from the two images above there is no comparison between our Armor Tiles and any hollow cored peg and loop type garage tiles. Why would you pay almost the same amount of money for less than half the amount of material and quality you get with Armor Tiles? Our garage floor tile thicknesses range from 3/16" to a super heavy duty 5/16" thick solid PVC as opposed to cheap recycled polypropylene plastic derived mainly from soda bottles and take out food containers.

So don't try this with any hollow core polypropylene tiles! Polypropylene is no comparison to PVC.

19.5 x 19.5 x 1/4 Inch Thick Heavy Duty Garage Tiles

Continuous interlocking teeth on each tile lock together to form a solid floor with a WATER TIGHT SEAL! No other tile has as strong of a locking joint than ours! This assures you of a lifetime problem-free installation!

Hollow-cored polypropylene garage tiles with flimsy peg and loop connectors do not have water tight seams! They allow dirt, grime, corrosive road salts, and vehicle fluids to seep through the tiles, causing decay to your sub flooring. And when these accumulate in their seams, they form unsightly grout lines. They also make a cheap click clack sound whenever walked on or driven over! They shift and spread apart from turning wheels and pancake under heavy loads. Armor Tiles provide you with an odorless, insulating & sound deadening floor.

Lifetime Guaranteed PVC Flooring Tiles for Garages, Shops and High Traffic Areas

Our PVC garage floor tiles consistently test in the range of 95 on the Shore A hardness scale, much higher than even other solid type tiles! will not form indents or wear paths. Whose tile would you rather have your vehicles or heavy equipment on?

The Competition: We manufacture our tiles to be the best in the market, defect-free when you receive them, and guaranteed for life! Beware of limited time only sales that never end and promote inferior PVC blend flex tiles that appear similar but use cheap recycled plastics and imported filler materials. These are not the same as our 100% prime PVC garage flooring tiles. They fit together poorly and they're much softer. In fact, you can actually indent them with your fingernail! If you can find a better garage floor tile at a better price just email us. We'd love to know about it and we'll beat their price by 10%!

Armor Tiles are not just for garage floors! They are super versatile and can be used for any type of floor traffic imaginable from horses to fully loaded cement trucks! We have a large selection of tiles to meet any floor covering needs. They are both modular and multipurpose. Our interlocking garage floor tiles range in size from 18" x 18" to 20.5" x 20.5" and have a far superior look over standard 12" tiles. See each individual tile at top of page for size and additional product data.

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Installation couldn't be easier or simpler! Just sweep your floor clean. Start at front edge center and work your way back. Trim tiles to fit at side walls and back wall with any power saw. Trim locking tabs off front edge and slip on the ramp edge with some Liquid Nails or similar adhesive and your done. Normal installation of Armor Tiles do not require adhesive. For Forklift, pallet jacks, Firehouse apparatus or flow through traffic in one direction adhesive is required.

Go From This Floor.

Black and Dk Gray Heavy Duty Coin Pattern

To this beautiful tiled floor in a matter of hours. Tiles are the 1/4" heavy duty in Dark Grey and black.

Quality: 100% solid virgin PVC, not made from recycled inexpensive PVC substitute materials(polypropylene)!

Durability: Lifetime Guarantee!! Super heavy duty and virtually indestructible! Forklift and heavy equipment rated. Use in garages, work shops, hangars, production floors and more!

Strength: Our interlocking tiles are not perforated or hollow cored and not a flex type tile. Will not form tire or wheel wear paths, and will not form indents under heavy point loads! 100,000lb roll over capacity!

Price: The price of any garage floor tile is determined by the type (quality) and amount of material used. There is no magic formula! Each tile is made with 4.3-5.5lbs of solid virgin PVC! Find out what other tiles weigh and what they are made out of and compare the difference!

Ease of installation: No adhesives, floor prepping, special skills or tools required. Tiles easily knock together with a rubber mallet and cut quickly with any power saw!

Sound & Feel: You can feel and hear the solidness of an Armor Tile floor. When you walk on it there is no Click Clacking noise as you get with Polypropylene tiles. Armor Tiles are sound deadening, you get that same comforting sound and feel as when you close the door of quality luxury car.

Structural Integrity: With interlocking T-Joints running the full perimeter of each tile you won't get spread or separation. Peg & Loop tiles only have 5 or 6 inferior Peg and Loop connectors that are prone to breaking during installation and while driving on cause they are brittle.