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Light Duty Garage Floor Tiles

Armortile-Light Duty tiles are made in the same high quality way as our 1/4" heavy duty tiles but are 3/16" thick versus 1/4" thick. They're perfect for residential and light commercial use as a less expensive option.

Armortile-LT tiles are made with 100% Prime Virgin PVC and have a Lifetime Warranty against any and all defects that is assumable and transferable. So if you relocate and take your tiles with you the warranty goes with the tile!

These tiles exceed the quality of typical hollow core Peg & Loop tiles such as 'Race Deck', 'SwissTrax' and others, at a lower cost per square foot and as typical with ArmorGarage we make our tiles with a much heavier duty connection system of either a T-Joint or Dove Tail that are continuous all around the tiles. As opposed to as few as four or five Peg & Loop connectors that typically snap off and flex in and out of each other. It's an inherent flaw of all Peg & Loop tiles that we have eliminated with our close tolerance T-Joints. While these tiles are stronger they are still flexible so that they conform to the irregularities of your floor. This is an important factor since we all know that no floor is perfectly level. This is where all Hollow Peg & Loop type tiles come up short, they are all made from very brittle polypropylene plastic that causes them to fail at high or low stress points.

Armortile-LT Tiles are available in two patterns, Coin and Flat Textured and work great in standard home garages, home garage shops, wood working shops, basements, light commercial and retail applications, they are also pallet jack rated. They simply snap together forming a tight, safe seam that will not come apart. This makes them perfect for temporary Exhibition Flooring. You can install Armor Tiles in a standard 2-car garage in just a few hours! No downtime, no waiting for epoxy to dry and no leaving your belongings or cars outside! ArmorTile-LT won't bend or lift when turning on them, and stay securely attached at all times.

ArmorTile-LT is manufactured from virgin heavy-duty PVC that can withstand the weight of any residential vehicles, light/medium commercial trucks and unlimited amounts of foot traffic. Each tile is 20.5" square x 3/16" thick. To order add 5% to the total square footage of your floor and enter that total square footage into the Qty box. Each tile is 2.9 SF so to determine the number of tiles you will receive divide the total square footage by 2.9.

We recommend that you purchase the ramp edging so at your doors and entryways there is a smooth transition to the floor surface. ArmorTile-LT is highly resistant to all common auto fluids including oil, gasoline and brake fluid.


Typical installations start with the connection end facing out at the front row of tiles and you would therefore order one Male ramp edge per tile you want to ramp down.



Simply start from front to back installing full tiles. Leave the side wall and back wall cuts for last. If you end up with a small 1-3" piece on each side wall we suggest you shift the floor to one side to give yourself a bigger piece to work with.

We recommend that you cut the tabs of the front row tiles where you will slide the ramp edge onto and then put a bead of good construction adhesive under the ramp and part of the first row tiles to lock everything in place. You can also put some good epoxy glue such as JB Weld inside the U-Slot of the ramp edge to glue the tile to the inside of the edging for added strength.

Floor prep is simple, just sweep the floor clean. If gluing the floor down for commercial installations we suggest you power wash the floor to remove all dirt and loose debris. We would also suggest you mix a cup of TSP with 5 gallons of water and scrub that over the floor to degrease it. Oil or grease in the floor could effect the bonding of the adhesive.

Tiles can be cut with any power saw, circular cuts can be made with a utility knife. If cutting around door jambs a mini circular saw works great or you can use a utility knife for these cuts. But if you have a lot of these cuts to make it's best to have a mini circular saw.

If gluing the tiles down you should install aprox half the tiles then begin gluing the tiles down. Once the half is completed with the glue then you can remove the other half and reinstall them with glue. The reason for this extra step is make sure that you are installing the tiles perfectly square. If you are off a little bit you will get to a point where the interlocking tabs won't fit together. Not a big deal when not gluing them down but an obvious bigger problem if the tiles are glued down. Installing about half the floor loose will ensure you're tiles are square.

The tiles are sold by the square foot. Measure the square footage of your floor area and then add 5%. Then enter that total into the Quantity box. We will send you the number of tiles to cover that square footage.

What do I clean the tiles with?

Cleaning solutions such as Simple Green work best, no need for harsh chemicals. If your tiles are uncoated and do not have the Armor Shield additive and they get a stain you can try Magic Eraser to remove the stain. With Armor Shield additive a good pressure stream of water from a garden hose or a damp towel should be all you need to clean your tiles! Please note that newer tires have additives and plasticizers to make them last longer, these new chemicals on some tires tend to cause the rubber to leach out and stain the tiles. We strongly recommend a coat of a good commercial wax if you are not applying the Armor Tile Coating.

What do I cut the tiles with and where do I start?

Any power saw with a sharp blade will cut the tiles cleanly and quickly. We recommend you start at the center front edge and work your way to the back. Knock the tiles together with a rubber mallet.

How long do they take to install?

The tiles install very quickly by just knocking them together with a rubber mallet. One man can do 200 square feet an hour.

How much clearance should I leave for expansion?

All materials expand and contract. if installing tiles in the heat of summer you can pretty much go up to the wall. If installing in the dead of winter we would allow about 3/8". You can cover the gap with non hardening caulk or base molding. Also note that if you have any part of the floor that will sit in direct sunlight for extended periods of time we recommend you apply some of our adhesive under those tiles to prevent those tiles from expanding at a different rate than those tiles in the shade.

Can I pressure wash the tiles?

You can do whatever you wish to the tiles, you won't hurt them!

What is the warranty and what happens if a tile is defective?

The tiles are guaranteed for life. If a tile is defective we will replace it free of charge. In the unlikely event that you manage to somehow damage a tile you can easily replace it with one on your shelf. The tiles can be popped out as easy as they were knocked together. If for some reason you don't have any spares we will ship you out new tiles for just the cost of the shipping