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Armor Garage Floor Mats:
Best Made Rubber Roll Out Flooring For Commercial Or Garage Floors!

Garage Floor Mats
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Need to protect and upgrade the look of your floor? Armor garage floor mats are one of your most cost effective garage type flooring options! They can be installed in less than an hour on just about any floor surface for any purpose with no prep or adhesives needed! It's all about getting your money's worth. What good is a mat that's slippery, curls up or falls apart in a few years? Our mats are made to stand the test of time and are the only ones guaranteed for 10 years! They won't curl, bunch up or shred apart like other mats that are similar in look but are not made with 100% polyvinyl or are imported from China and made with unknown materials. Armor Mats are 100% American made, and 100% pure American polyvinyl!

Our garage floor mats are one of the most durable floor covering you can install on your floor. We make them with the highest quality material available. There's a big difference between vinyl and polyvinyl. Vinyl is a household material that is thin and flimsy. Polyvinyl is a commercial rubberized version of vinyl and we use the highest grade available for durability. Vinyl mats curl, bunch up under turning tires, and are extremely slippery. Most vinyl mats are discarded within the first year of use cause they create more problems then they solve. Don't settle for a lower quality product with less of a guarantee!

Armor Mats are available in various patterns
"Ribbed," "Coin," "Diamond," or "Flat" and in several colors!

They're also strong enough for just about any floor application such as garage floors, heavy foot traffic areas, shop floors, waiting rooms, production floors, kennels, and much more! They're not just for parking your car on!

Sandstone Garage Coin Mat

Stock sizes of our garage floor mats ship in 3 to 5 business days. Custom sizes are available in standard widths of 7.5', 8' & 10' and any length up to 70' (there is an additional lead time for custom sizes of approximately 7 to 14 business days).

For your convenience, our most commonly ordered custom sizes (the sizes noted with an *) are listed with our stock sizes (sizes w/o an *). You can mix stock sizes with custom sizes to meet your dimension requirements.

Custom sizes are not cancelable or returnable so please verify your dimensions. If you need to order multiple garage mats of different sizes, simply enter the quantity of the first mat size, click "Add To Cart," then click "Keep Shopping" to add additional mats to your shopping cart. Email or call us for quantity discounts and or if you do not see the mat sizes you require.

When installing mats outdoors the marine grade adhesive is required.

For Additional Help And Service. Call Or Email Us At:
Toll Free 866-532-3979 or info@armorgarage.com.

Our garage mats are easy and fast to install. They literally roll-out and cover your floor with no prep work or skill required!

100% pure polyvinyl. Beware of cheap imitations that only use polyvinyl in the top part of the mat and use cheap filler materials for the other layers. This results in a much inferior product. Mats from China are famous for this.

Are not slippery like other vinyl mats are!

Trims easily with large scissors or utility knife for custom wall to wall installation.

Stays down flat on the floor, won't curl or bunch up under twisting/turning car or truck tires.

Won't chip, crack or fray apart like other brands do!

Resistant to chemicals, auto fluids, pet fluids, road salts, vehicle & foot traffic, even clawed foot traffic! Rated for outdoor use on decks & patios!

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