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ArmorDeck Super Duty Deck Paint.
Also See Our Lifetime Guaranteed Textured Deck Coating.


ArmorDeck Super Duty Deck Paint

Also See Our Lifetime Guaranteed Textured Deck Coating.


Decks and porches are the most notorious and most difficult things to keep painted and looking nice at your home. We at the ArmorGarage get hundreds of calls a week from frustrated homeowners seeking solutions for their decks that keep peeling every year! That's why we now offer ArmorDeck—the best deck paint available by far! It's specifically designed to look great and not peel or crack off!

ArmorDeck wood deck coating is an engineered ultra high performance product that penetrates into your wood deck or porch to give it superior adhesion capability while still allowing the wood to breathe. ArmorDeck is made with Molecular Adaptive Technology, which allows it to have superior wood adhesion, durability, and flexibility. That's why ArmorDeck paint really works!

Our product cannot be compared to your typical name brand or Home Improvement Center porch and deck enamels! While claiming to be more durable, those types of deck paint don't let the wood breathe and are incapable of handling the extreme amount of expansion and contraction that occurs in wood decks and porches, thus making them notorious for peeling off in just one season or less!

Here's the reason why these types of wood deck coatings spend more time lying in pieces on your lawn than sticking to your wood deck or porch. No matter how much porch and deck enamel you put on, it's impossible to seal the wood 100%, which allows moisture to seep into the wood no matter what. This is mostly from the unpainted underside and or from little cracks and pinholes in your existing coating. That moisture then migrates up towards the surface. Thus, when it wants to evaporate out during a hot sunny day or freeze and expand during a winter day, guess what it does? It pushes right up through your non-flexible, non-breathing enamel, causing the paint to crack open and peel off.

This is why it's impossible for regular wood deck coating to stay on your deck or porch no matter how thickly you apply it; not even epoxy can stop it from peeling off. In contrast, our wood deck paint expands and contracts with temperature changes, enabling it to protect your deck with a beautiful and durable coating while letting any moisture inside the wood escape when it wants to.

Continued re-painting with the same type of deck and porch paints will not solve the problem! The only thing this accomplishes is having thicker pieces of paint come off. Only ArmorDeck provides a durable finish that won't peel off!

The other great destroyer of wood deck coatings is the sun. Decks with long exposures to sunlight can have their coatings burned off in a year or less. If your deck is exposed to sunlight for most of the day, we suggest you choose a darker color and apply two coats on the floor boards. This will give your paint maximum longevity.

Pressure-treated lumber is notorious for not holding coatings. Infused with chemicals to resist rot and infestation, treated wood also resists most common paints and coatings (they won't tell you this at home centers as they want you to buy the more expensive woods and then paint every year)! ArmorDeck is a wood deck paint specially formulated to work with pressure-treated wood systems.

The only proper way to paint a previously painted deck is to remove any prior paint. It's going to come off anyway! To easily remove your old deck coating, use our special "DECK STRIPPER." It takes off any type of enamel paint and is environmentally safe. If there is any residual paint left after stripping, you can simply sand it off or use a power washer to remove it.

New surfaces and smooth planed wood must be sanded first to remove any 'Mill Glaze'. Weathered wood must also be sanded to remove oxidation, any loose fibers, or splintered areas. Previously stained surfaces should be power washed and sanded.

Then, apply ArmorDeck Paint and stop painting every year!

If your deck or porch has suffered cracks, splintering, and discoloration over the years, you can check out our amazing Lifetime Renew It Coating—a deck restore product that will permanently renew your wood or concrete porch while adding a non-slip finish. This product is available in 24 beautiful designer colors.

To learn more about our wood deck paint and other products, feel free to contact us.

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