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Heavy Duty Stain Resistant Garage Floor Tiles

These are our 19.5" x 19.5" heavy duty interlocking tiles that are injected with a proprietary additive that will make your new tile floor highly stain resistant to all kinds of stains including black rubber leaching out of most new tires these days. They also make the tiles less slippery and add a nice sheen to the finish. This is the top of the line in floor protection. As you can see below our Garage Flooring Tiles are not just for garages. They can be used for just about any application. Logos can be water jetted into the tiles, safety yellow tiles can be used for traffic lanes and access hatches as seen below. Our tiles are so versatile because of their strength and flexibility. Unlike rigid hollow tiles.

Armor Shield is an additive and is injected throughout the tile and cannot be scratched off versus our standard tile protection which is a clear coat you apply to the surface of the tiles in the field. While our tile coating is extremely durable and you most likely will never have to recoat it, it does require field installation and can require a recoat if subjected to lots of heavy traffic.

These tiles are made with the same 100% PVC as our standard 20.5" x 20.5" tiles and carry the same lifetime warranty. They install the same, they cut the same and will conform to the contour of your floor the same. Tire staining has become a bigger issue in the last few years as more and more tire manufacturers are using additives that create better tire performance but increase color leaching. So you should at the very least apply a good commercial floor wax to your tiles to protect them as you would any good floor inside your home. Or you apply our tile epoxy coating for a more permanent option or buy the Armor Shield tiles with the additive injected into the whole tile for a lifetime maintenance free floor.

If you're looking for maintenance free tile flooring then this is the way to go.

Price is per square foot of tile, not per tile. Please add 5% extra to the square footage of your floor for cutting waste.

The images above are from Kyger Creek Coal Fired Power Station. Not many environments get as dirty as a coal fired plant! Armor Garage tiles with the Armor Shield anti stain additive keeps the Turbine room looking sharp and can handle Turbine tear downs with giant rolling cranes and steam turbines sitting on them. No hollow Peg & Loop tile would survive here for even a day!

Armor Garage Tiles come in a standard size of 19.5" x 19.5" (2.6 sq. ft/tile). Therefore you need to install less tiles than standard 1 sq ft tiles. You can easily trim or cut Armor Tiles with any type power saw! They cut smoothly and cleanly with no ragged edges!

ORDERING INFO: Tiles are sold per the sq ft, we suggest you add a minimum of 5% to the square footage of your floor to account for cutting waste or a cutting mistake. Simply enter the adjusted square footage of your floor into the qty order box and we'll determine the amount of tiles needed, we round up to the nearest full tile. Please note that orders of tiles UNDER 200 SF are not returnable. We very seldom sell floors that small and each batch of tiles varies slightly in color so that a small amount of tiles being returned would not be resell-able due to the fact that they wouldn't match any new tiles being produced.

ORDER EXAMPLE: Floor is 22' x 20'= 440 sq/ft * 5% = 462 sq/ft. You enter the adjusted square footage of "462" in the qty order box. We'll determine the amount of tiles when we process your order, in this example the total number of tiles is 177.6 tiles which we would round up to 178 tiles.

Simply start from front to back installing full tiles. Leave the side wall and back wall cuts for last. If you end up with a small 1-3" piece on each side wall we suggest you shift the floor to one side to give yourself a bigger piece to work with.

We recommend that you cut the tabs of the front row tiles where you will slide the ramp edge onto and then put a bead of good construction adhesive under the ramp and part of the first row tiles to lock everything in place. You can also put some good epoxy glue such as JB Weld inside the U-Slot of the ramp edge to glue the tile to the inside of the edging for added strength.

Floor prep is simple, just sweep the floor clean. If gluing the floor down for commercial installations we suggest you power wash the floor to remove all dirt and loose debris. We would also suggest you mix a cup of TSP with 5 gallons of water and scrub that over the floor to degrease it. Oil or grease in the floor could effect the bonding of the adhesive.

Tiles can be cut with any power saw, circular cuts can be made with a utility knife. If cutting around door jambs a mini circular saw works great or you can use a utility knife for these cuts. But if you have a lot of these cuts to make it's best to have a mini circular saw.

If gluing the tiles down you should install aprox half the tiles then begin gluing the tiles down. Once the half is completed with the glue then you can remove the other half and reinstall them with glue. The reason for this extra step is make sure that you are installing the tiles perfectly square. If you are off a little bit you will get to a point where the interlocking tabs won't fit together. Not a big deal when not gluing them down but an obvious bigger problem if the tiles are glued down. Installing about half the floor loose will ensure you're tiles are square.

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