How To Seal & Fix Your Asphalt The Right Way

So you went to your local Home Improvement store and bought the best sealer you could find and sealed your driveway or parking lot. Or you had a contractor do it for you. Your driveway or parking lot is now jet black and looks great. But one year later the sealer is peeling off and your asphalt pavement looks like the image above. Even worse is the store you bought it from says there is no warranty due to installer error and the contractor you used is no where to be found.

So you scrape the bad parts up and redo it yourself again. Looks great but the same thing happens the following year and the year after that. You are now in a downward spiral and no matter how many layers you apply it just keeps getting worse.

The reason for this are many but the main issue is that the product you were using is either latex based or tar emulsion based. Latex is not a very good outdoor product and is easily decomposed by UV rays and moisture, emulsion coatings are made from the same stuff your asphalt surface is made from and therefore suffers the same fate as your driveway or parking lot.

So what can you or better yet what should you do? Our best advice is even though we love selling our asphalt sealer products is to do nothing and let mother nature remove as much of the sealer as possible. The more coats you have on the longer this might take. If you want to rectify your problem sooner to avoid further damage to your blacktop you can aid in the removal process with a good industrial floor scraper that is available at the same stores you bought your sealer from or you can get a good power washer and blast the sealer(s) off.

Once you have all or the majority of the old sealer(s) off you can start over with our asphalt rejuvenator which is not latex or tar based. It's industrial grade, easy to apply, nontoxic and made to last. We even have Solar Reflective colors to keep your asphalt surfaces cool so they don't get soft in extreme heat. This also aids in the life span of your asphalt.

ArmorGarage Asphalt Rejuvenator will end your yearly ritual of scraping and sealing your driveway every year.

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