Metallic epoxy floors are a unique and specialized type of epoxy flooring that when applied by one of our professional installers provides a one of a kind 3 dimensional iridescent floor finish.

Our metallic epoxy has a sparkling pearl like finish that is as smooth as glass with no two floors ever looking alike. Each floor has a it's own individual one of a kind look depending on the applicators skill and artistic creativity.

These floors offer not only dramatic appearances but are highly light reflective, chemical resistant and extremely durable making them suitable for just about any application. Such as restaurants, galleries, showrooms, offices, hangars, retail stores, and even warehouses with forklift traffic.

We strongly recommend that you do not try to apply this type of flooring yourself. Although many places may make it sound easy to do, trust us it is not! A skilled and experienced applicator is needed to ensure that the epoxy is applied properly so that the finish is both natural, seamless and beautiful to the eye. We offer full installation from the diamond grinding of your floor to installing our three layer system.
  • Natural rock and stone look
  • Super high gloss
  • One of a kind look
  • Extremely durable and chemical resistant
  • Low maintenance and easy to keep clean
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