Bulk Format Asphalt Sealer

Easy Application, Nontoxic With Same Day Curing & Superior Durability!

ArmorGarage Asphalt Rejuvenator is available in large format 210 gallon Totes for large projects at significant discount. This is the same quality product we offer in 5 gallon pails only in a larger format for very large projects. Comes delivered to your job site or shop on pallets. Asphalt Rejuvenator is designed to be used instead of traditional solvent based/tar-type asphalt sealers to greatly extend asphalt life and appearance. This is an industrial grade product designed to out perform typical gooey tar based emulsion sealers. Cannot be compared to Home Improvement products that are latex based, paper thin and fail prematurely.

Low VOC no odor asphalt coating that cures in just a few hours allowing parking areas to be back in service right away! No longer do you need to use old technology coatings for asphalt surfaces that have foul odors, are not environmentally friendly and tend to cause tire tracking in hot weather. Another issue with traditional emulsion asphalt sealers is that they do not perform well in wet conditions. They are very susceptible to high UV exposure and weaken when wet because these same exact things are what damaged your asphalt pavement in the first place. Putting more of the same material in liquid form on your asphalt does nothing but make it look nice for a short period of time.

Available in Black and our amazing Solar Reflective Gray which keeps surface temperatures low, helps to maintain structural integrity of your asphalt by preventing softness in hot weather. This greatly increases the lifespan of asphalt parking areas. Your customers will appreciate the lack of boiling hot surfaces also!

Call us for a free quote on your next project. 4 year Limited Warranty for 2 coats, 6 Year Limited Warranty for 3 coats.


Each Tote will do 21,000 sf in one coat or 10,500 for two coats. Two coats are required. Apply at 100 sf/gal. Allow for additional material when covering cracks and other small defects.
Simple cleaning and degreasing is all that is necessary for surface preparation. Once cleaned patch any pot holes and cracks. Use a good quality product to ensure that the cracks and pot holes do not reappear. Any asphalt older than 3 years must be primed with the asphalt primer.

Simply mix the Part B activator into the pretinted Part A pail for three minutes with the Surface Bond Mixer. This product can be rolled on, applied with 18" flat squeegee or spray on with textured sprayer or Hopper Gun for smaller areas. Airless sprayers cannot be used. Apply at 100 sf/gal. If not using a sprayer, pour product from pail in a bead and spread out with roller or squeegee. If using squeegee we recommend you back roll the second coat to ensure evenness. If your asphalt has lots of cracks and divots we strongly recommend the squeegee method. You will get less coverage on the first coat since you are filling in cracks and divots. Still apply at 100 sf/gal so you have the right coverage over the good areas, you will just use more materials in the cracks and divots thus shortening the total covered area per pail. Allow sufficient time for material in cracks to cure. Deep cracks and large deep holes should be patched. Order additional material to compensate. One pail covers 350 sf.

Asphalt Rejuvenator Application Cures in 1-6 hours depending on temperature and humidity. Caution should be used when applying in very high heat. Surface temperatures over 110 degrees can cause flash drying. In very hot weather apply during morning hours. Ice water can be primed through sprayer to keep product temperature lower. Do not keep product in direct sunlight except when applying in cooler weather. Temperature must be 50 degrees and rising. No rain for 24 hours. Allow first coat to dry and then apply second coat. Full service rready once second coat is fully dry and hard to the touch.

You don't want to take chances with your large sized project, downtime can be very costly. Don't use residential or light commercial grade products when industrial performance is needed. While many products advertise superior performance and great warranties the reality is very few delivery on either. Better to have a realistic warranty and never have to use it than some fantastic sounding warranty that will never honor a claim.

Skeptical about premature failures and worthless warranties from other brands? Don't take our word for it see what customers who have actually bought these products are saying: CLICK HERE

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