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This is an amazing industrial grade coating that can cover and encapsulate any wall surface. If you need a new look or want to protect your wall from the elements this is the coating for you. Goes on with a brush or our special textured roller. Simple to use and will not drip run or sag! Super thick and will fill voids and gaps up to 3/8" thick! Cures to a super hard finish that won't wear off like regular exterior or interior paints.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use in any climate. Works on block, brick, stucco, wood, metal and composite materials. Can also be used to coat over ceramic or porcelain tile walls when primed with our Bonding Primer.

The best part is that you only need to do minor prep on your wall. Basically just clean off surface dirt and let dry. No sanding or stripping required.

Average coverage is 70 square feet per gallon. Coverage may vary depending on surface type application thickness. Some surfaces may yield less coverage and need two coats.
Simply clean surface to be applied on. Also remove any loose or flaking paints or coatings. Roll or brush on in even thick coat. Let first coat dry and apply second coat if need. Using a brush will result in a smoother finish. Using the textured roller will result in a rougher finish.

For all surfaces other then masonry type use our special bonding primer first.

  • Sticks to any wall surface without running or dripping
  • Super thick for filling in grout lines, cracks, holes and divots
  • Suitable for any environment. Can handle extreme temperature swings.
  • Easy to apply
  • Soap and water clean up
  • Available in Tint Base for custom coloring
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