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Below is a list of all our packaged epoxy systems. We offer several different epoxies to better meet the criteria of various floor applications. No one epoxy can be the do all coating. We suggest you read the whole page and decide which kit best suits your needs. Whichever you pick you'll know that ArmorGarage epoxies are:

1. Not Water Based Or A Hybrid Cycloaliphatic!
2. Only Kits With Calibrated Squeegee That Ensures You Apply The Epoxy At The Proper Thickness!
3. Our Ultra High Wear Protective Topcoats Are Standard And Have Superior Durability, Color Coverage & Gloss Finish That Can't Be Equaled!
4. Most Amount of Color Chips Standard!
5. Thickest And Most Durable DIY Epoxy Floors!
6. More DIY Epoxy Floor Kits Sold And In Service Longer Than Any Other Brand!
7. Only Epoxy Coatings Guaranteed Against Wear!
8. We Provide The Best Product Information & How To Advice. So You Know What You're Buying And Know How To Apply It For Professional Results!

There's a ton of information on our website. At the bottom of the page is a resource list of links to pages designed to help you to know how to choose and install the right epoxy for your specific expectations of finished floor.
Know the difference between epoxy coatings you see before you buy!

We have every type of epoxy flooring system, from garage to military applications we have the right kit for your needs. They all come with clear easy to follow instructions and are designed for use by first time Do It Yourselves or in house staff to achieve professional results. Click on the blue links to go to the product page for additional information, color charts, more images and to order online. We have one of the largest selections of epoxy floor coatings to meet any flooring requirement. Every floor has different operating conditions and traffic loads and many companies offer just a single epoxy product for every different application. It's impossible to meet the demands of every floor with a single coat epoxy and especially so if a topcoat isn't used! That's why we offer as many different kits as we do. Each epoxy kit is designed for a certain look and to meet a certain performance level so you only have to do your floor once.

All our epoxy paints and topcoats are engineered and manufactured 100% with the highest quality materials. We do not cut corners or use cheap imported chemicals to advertise a low price. Our main objective is Durability and a Beautiful Finish that is not achievable with off the shelf type products made from low grade materials. They may save you money but you will never get an epoxy floor that looks and lasts like ours!

We also strive to be the most informative website and we back that up with the most knowledgeable and experienced sales staff in the industry so if you're not sure which epoxy coating is best for your application please feel free to contact us for the right advice.

info@armorgarage or 866-532-3979.

Armor II is our commercial epoxy flooring system consisting of a heavy duty 2 part solid color epoxy base coat and solid color epoxy/urethane topcoat with an 8mg abrasion rating, extremely hard finish for superb durability. Color chips are not used with this system. Everything needed to prep and paint your floor is included. 14 Mils thick, up to 5 times thicker than other floor paints! Extremely versatile, rated best for garage and commercial floor applications such as wood working shops, race shops, retail stores, hangars, auto service shops! Fast cure time(24-48hrs), Easy Application(1 day), Maximum Bond Strength And A Super Durable, Seamless, Self Leveling High Gloss Finish. Buy Armor II Epoxy ...

Armor Ultra is our Industrial Epoxy Floor System, extra heavy duty, 3 coat extra thick epoxy, consisting of a solid color 2 part epoxy based primer, a high build military grade solid color epoxy base coat that is topped with 4mg(best in industry)military grade clear topcoat, the hardest clear topcoat made by far!(color chips are an option with this system) This system meets military spec requirements for even the most demanding applications! Suitable for all high volume floors, forklift use, semi rigs, large aircraft hangars, commercial kitchen floors, industrial production floors, machine shops, large race shops, showrooms, dog kennels and many other applications.

Although designed for extreme duty it is versatile enough for residential garage usage for those who want the absolute highest protection. Can be solid color or can have colored flakes added in for a custom finish. We ship our Ultra System as a complete package and no additional purchases are necessary! Easy to follow and clearly written instructions make it suitable for all Do It Yourselfers and In House Staff to apply. 23 Mils-1/8" thick! Fast cure time 12-24 hrs! Incredibly hard finish that has the highest rated abrasion resistance! Turnkey kit makes application easy even for first timers. Buy Ultra Military-Industrial Epoxy System...

Armor Chip: Is Our Ultra Military Grade Garage Epoxy Floor Kit With 8lbs of Colored Decorative Chips. Protected with two coats of high gloss clear topcoat. This is our most popular epoxy floor kit. Armor Chip is easily applied and our complete System includes everything to Prep and Coat your floor, even the shipping is included. Armor Chip is the thickest coating with the most amount of chips in the industry for the same beautiful results a professional would charge 6-10 times the price for! Buy Armor Chip Epoxy Kit

Armor Granite: Ultra Military Grade Garage Epoxy Kit With An Amazing 20lbs Of Chips That Finishes To A Beautiful Super Thick Granite Look! Similar to Armor Chip but with an extra thick base coat epoxy to handle the extra chips, three coats of high gloss clear topcoat for added protection and luster, and spiked soles. Available in nine great patterns. This is our top of the line epoxy floor finish and people love the look of Armor Granite's fuller chip coverage! Mainly used for Garage Floors but is commonly used for retail applications and other higher end floors. This is a unique epoxy system that other kits just cannot match! Everything you need to easily upgrade your floor to the ultimate look is included! BUY...

Firehouse-Heavy Tonnage Epoxy Floor: Special epoxy system developed by us for Firehouses and other high tonnage vehicles. This non slip floor has a vehicle capacity of 100,000+ lbs BUY....

Basement Floor Epoxy Kits: Specialty kits made just for basement floors. We carry kits for both dry floors and wet floors. Easy application with amazing results.BUY....

Roof Deck Specialty Coatings: These are high performance super durable coatings for marine decks, driveways, walkways, bridges, tennis courts, dumpster rooms, commercial kitchen floors and many other applications. BUY....

Acid Shield Epoxy Coatings: We have a full line of high quality Novolac type epoxy coatings that resist just about any chemical, solvent or acid. See our Reference Guide that we have assembled with over 300 different chemicals that we have rated with our coatings. This is an extensive reference guide that has taken us the better part of 20 years of field work and testing to assemble. BUY....

Coat-All Epoxy Kits: This is an amazing set of epoxy kits that lets you epoxy just about anything such as any type of tile, plastic, rubber, steel, wood and etc. This took us years to put together and has quickly become a big seller. We believe we are the only company that can offer high quality long lasting coatings for what have traditionally been hard to coat or impossible to coat surfaces. BUY....

For True Price & Specification Comparisons Between Our Epoxy Floor Kits And Other Competing Brands, See The Epoxy Comparison Chart Don't Be Fooled By Low Advertised Prices!

Also read the Epoxy FAQ and Why Buy ArmorGarage Epoxy Flooring Pages.

See this page for great installation advice on How To Apply Epoxy Floor Coatings

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