Industrial grade self-leveling slurry for pouring a new floor surface over an old floor.

Provides fresh surface over old worn out or damaged concrete floors. Mix bags with water per instructions and apply to floor to desired height. Must be used with Drytek Acrylic Primer for bonding.

Ideal for older floors that have been pitted or corroded or need leveling. Compatible with any ArmnorGarage Epoxy System and can be applied to it once dry in 1-2 days. For thicknesses over 1/2" allow at least 72 hours for drying. You must prime over the cured slurry with our Epoxy Flooring Primer to ensure proper color coverage.

Also available in faster drying version called ‘Levelex Plus’.

Discounts available for projects over 1,000 square feet, call or email for pricing.

Due to the heavy weight of this product there will be a $25.00/bag shipping charge. For quantities of 10 bags and up the shipping charge is $20.00/bag.

Coverage 22.3 square feet @ ¼”, 11.2 square feet @ 1/2 “. Can be applied from 1/8” thick up to 3” thick in a single pour. Coverage will vary proportionally based on thickness.
Self Leveling Slurry is easy to use, we recommend you grind the floor first to provide the proper profile and that you purchase gauge rakes to help spread the slurry at the desired thickness. Gauge Rakes have an adjustable blade that you set and with the rollers on the bottom of the blade you simply roll the blade across the slurry to help spread it out at the correct thickness.

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