Fast Dry Epoxy Coating

This is the perfect floor coating for commercial kitchens and correctional facilities where down time is critical and must be kept to a minimum. Easily applied, no prior experience needed.

With a dry time of about 2 hrs and a full cure in under 24 hours this is the perfect coating for getting a floor done and back in service in 24-36 hours. This is as tough a coating as they come. It's a one coat system and with 725psi adhesion rating it sticks to your floor better than any other epoxy. Once fully cured it has an Abrasion Loss rating of only 3 mgs which is the lowest rating as far as we know. This coating can take all sorts of abuse, which is what you need in commercial kitchens, prison cell and jailhouse floor applications. Easy to keep clean, will not yellow or wear out from constant cleanings like standard epoxies will.

correctional facilit epoxy floor coating Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery for nonstock colors.

Floor must be clean and dry of all contaminates. Acid etch or diamond grind to achieve proper floor profile. See the How To Prep & Paint Your Floor page on our Home Page for further details.

Mix the pigment into the part A. Mix till uniform in color. Mix part A & B in equal amounts. Do not mix more than you can apply in 15-20 minutes. Use measuring containers to get accurate mixes.

Apply at 300 sf/gal rate. Allow first coat to dry 2-3 hours then apply second coat. If you can apply perpendicular to first coat that will help with better coverage.

If using nonslip additive use 1-1 1/2 pints per 2 gallons of epoxy.

Fast drying formulation, full service in 24 hrs.

One coat system

Out performs standard epoxies in all categories. Hardness, Impact, Abrasion Resistance and Adhesion

Chemical & Acid resistant. Bodily fluids and caustic wash downs have no effect.

Hot oil spill resistant up to 350 degrees

Low odor, Low VOC

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