We get so many calls for a slurry type resurfacer/floor leveling compound that we decided to come up with one. This is different than our standard floor resurfacing product that uses aggregate and is more for smaller areas and thicker heavier duty patching jobs or heavy equipment mounting pads.

Epoxy slurry is great for replacing deteriorated concrete, whereas you can remove damaged areas fill in with slurry and saw cut channels, mount equipment or set anchors.

Also used for filling voids under equipment and machinery since it is a catalytic cure rather than an air cure product.

Our epoxy slurry kit is for floors that are out of level, pitted, spalling or otherwise in poor condition. Epoxy slurry is a unique 3-component (epoxy liquids A & B plus silica powder). It is a recoatable, high gloss, abrasion resistant flooring system that can withstand impact and thermal shock and heavy equipment vibration. Unlike cheaper slurry products that will crack and chip up, our epoxy slurry is super strong and finishes to a high gloss epoxy type finish. This finish is suitable as an epoxy final coat but can be topcoated with one of our epoxy products to meet specific requirements.

Simply mix the A & B liquids and proprietary Silica powder compound together and mix with included power mixing tool (use with your drill). Cure time 10-18 hours depending on temp/humidity. Comes in 2 sizes, 40 lb kit covers 60 sq ft @ 1/16" or 400 lb kit covers 600 sq ft @ 1/16" (Addl $1,499.00 + frt). Can be laid up to 1/2" thickness. Self leveling, easy to install. Finish is a high gloss epoxy finish, can be topcoated for additional abrasion or corrosion resistance.

Compressive strength 10,200 lbs (over double the strength of standard concrete). Recommended for a high build resurfacing, trenches, cable embedment, equipment pads and other applications where an epoxy high gloss finish and high strength is required.

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