Concentrated Deck Cleaner for wood or concrete surfaces

When doing a wood or concrete deck, the most important thing is to get the surface completely clean. That means everything and anything must come off. Including the mill finish on new wood or new pressure treated wood. The mill finish is a coating the lumber yards spray onto wood prior to shipping. This finish protects the wood but will hinder the adhesion of any coating so it's critical that it be removed.

ArmorGarage cleaner is super concentrated, nontoxic and works on all types of wood or composite decks. This is great for removing dirt, mold, mildew, mill finishes or retail grade sealers and stains. getting your deck properly cleaned and ready for our Super Duty Deck Paint or our Renew It Deck Coating is the hardest part of the job. Our Armor Deck cleaner makes the job a lot easier. Prep your deck boards the right way and it pays off in extra years of life and service from your deck paint or coating. When you see your deck next spring and say Wow I don't have to strip, clean and repaint my deck this year you'll be glad you used deck cleaner and an ArmorGarage Deck product.

Simply mix cleaner concentrate with water and let sit and then power wash off. Gets your deck to the proper cleanliness level for application of our Super Deck Paint or Renew It Coating.

For normal cleaning jobs mix 1 gallon with 16 gallons of water to make 17 gallons of cleaning solution. Will clean up to 400 SF. To use as a sealer, stain or mill finish remover use full strength, will do aprox 100 sf/gal at full strength.

concentrate with water, spray on with pump sprayer or evenly sprinkle onto surface with garden type watering can. Let stand aprox 10 minutes. Do not let solution dry. Power wash off. For sealers, stains or mill finished wood, scrub in cleaner thoroughly at full strength with stiff bristle shop[ broom or scrub brush. Let sit for 10 minutes and power wash off. To make sure sealers, mill finish and stains are removed splash some water onto surface, if it beads up then the surface has not been completely stripped. Repeat if necessary.

For painted surfaces customers have given us good feedback on Soy Bean Gel paint remover. It's nontoxic and works on most paints and sealers.

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