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ArmorGarage designer tiles are a great way to have a natural stone looking floor for less money and a fraction of the installation time. Customers who need a higher end look for their floors choose these tiles for their architectural appearance and ease of installation. No more messy mud jobs to install marble or granite. Won't chip or crack like marble or granite will. Backed by a lifetime guarantee!

To order tile enter the square foot size of your floor plus 5% into the Quantity box. Orders over 300 square feet ship free. Orders under 300 square feet ship at a charge of $25.00 per box, 8 tiles per box. Each tile is a 1/4" thick of solid PVC and 20" x 20" square or 2.77 SF.

These tiles are not hollow cored as are Polypropylene Tiles are. Are patented joint system out performs all other tile joints in the industry. Our tiles rate highest in our Shore A hardness tests with readings of 95-96 as compared to 85-88 on the most popular brands we tested.

We recommend you purchase the heavy duty ramp edge to form a transition at the front edge of the tile to the floor. Use some construction adhesive to hold the ramp edge in place. No adhesive is needed for the tiles unless tiles are exposed to long periods of sunlight which will cause some tiles to expand more than normal. A 1/4" gap around perimeter walls is usually sufficient allowance for expansion.

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