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ArmorGarage new Balcony One Coat is a next generation product that waterproofs and finishes all in one coat! Saves 62% in time and labor while providing three times the duability. It's truly a unique two-part flexible elastomeric outdoor polyurethane coating system that is applied as a monolithic waterproof coating for balconies and roof decks. In one single coat you can now have a beautiful seamless surface that is three times as durable as traditional multi coat systems and is 1/3 the labor. Guaranteed for 10 years on residential balconies not to wear through from table and chair abrasion like traditional coatings.

One Coat is an integrated molecular-bonded coating that is textured throughout the entire thickness of the coating. Unlike traditional coatings that have anti slip material broadcasted onto the surface where it chips out or wears out exposing the waterproof membrane underneath. Once the thin wear surface of traditional multi coat balcony coatings is breached the waterproof integrity of the whole system is quickly compromised. Being a monolithinc coating the wear resistance and slip resistance is built into the entire thickness of the coating not just the surface. This reduces slippage, eliminating the need for broadcasting of a non skid additive and will not delaminte like traditional balcony coatings. The entire coating is fully UV protected, so if scratched or damaged it will retain itís protective characteristics.

Outstanding resistance to abrasion and wear and can be used in demanding commercial environments. Single coat application eliminates the need for consecutive good weather daysí to apply. Lets you get in and off jobs in one day. Less labor per balcony makes a big difference on large multi balcony jobs. Remains flexible for itís entire life, and will not crack like fiberglass and similar surfaces. One Coat can even span cracks of up to 1/16″ without the need to repair the crack first. Notice the thickness in this side shot of our test board. Primer was used because its applied to wood. Balcony One Coat Epoxy

Ideal for balconies, rooftop decks, foot bridges, mechanical rooms and similar applications that need a fast super durable waterproof coating. Cures to full hardness in just 8 hours! Manufactured by Sika for ArmorGarage.

Gray is a stock color and Tan is 3-4 week lead time.
Coverage is 100 square feet per 2.5 gal kit.
Applies thick at 35 mils. Sold in easy to mix kits of 2.66 gal total (2 x 1.33 gal sets of A & B). Simply mix per instructions and apply with the ArmorGarage notched squeegee in one direction and then lightly backroll with 1/2" nap roller in two directions to even out and spread out furtherÖ.thatís it! Primer is not required for bare concrete. For painted surfaces and wood, please use the One-Step Primer.

Can be applied to vertical surfaces around edges if required to form waterproof tub. Cracks wider than 1/16" need to be patched prior to application. Cracks 1/16" and smaller will be filled by the coating.

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