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Industrial Grade Asphalt Restorer & Sealer - Made In America

Don't Just Seal Your Driveway-Restore It!
Two Or More Pails Ship Free!

Our Asphalt Sealer is the better choice if you're looking for a more durable product than standard off the shelf products available at Home Improvement stores. They tend to be solvent based, toxic, very smelly and failure prone coal tar or latex based asphalt sealers. Our Asphalt Sealer is designed to also be an asphalt restorer that penetrates deep down into dry and brittle asphalt. Repairing the damage from UV and water exposure while leaving a new looking thick, super durable wear surface that seals out damaging UV rays, moisture and vehicle fluids. This is the critical difference where home improvement latex, emulsion and coal tar products simply apply a surface coating and do nothing for the damage below the surface. Below the surface is where your asphalt binders deteriorate, decay and get brittle, the root cause for asphalt cracks and potholes. Applying a surface coating will do nothing to fix that. They do however make your asphalt look nice when you're done coating it but It's why you are constantly resealing the blacktop on your driveways and parking lots, the decay and brittleness continues to progress underneath the nice looking new surface when you use residential grade products. You're not fixing and reversing the damage, you're only covering it up. ArmorGarage Rejuvenating Asphalt Sealer penetrates, repairs, restores flexibility, provides a protective surface coating and fills in minor cracks and blemishes. Great for parking lots, driveways and similar blacktop asphalt surfaces. Prevents damage from freeze and thaw cycles. Designed to outlast the competition by ArmorGarage engineers.

With ArmorGarage Asphalt Rejuvenating Sealer you can now stop your ritual of resealing your driveway every 2-3 years!

This product overcomes the biggest complaints about Latex and wax based asphalt sealers other than the long lasting nasty toxic smell and long cure times is that they're not durable. Latex based sealers usually need yearly touch ups where there is any tire traffic and emulsion based sealers usually reliquify in high heat causing tire tracking of toxic PAH all over the place. Rubber coatings consist of EPDM which is ok for roofs but the last thing you want on a driveway or parking lot! All of these products DO NOT rejuvenate the bitumen below the surface. The top 1" of your asphalt surface is the most important.This is where all the oils and binders get dried out and brittle from UV and weather conditions, which leads to cracking and chipping which leads to more and more severe damage with time. Our Rejuvenator will "Wet" the oils and binders in the bitumen thus restoring the flexibility your driveway or parking lot had when it was newly installed. It will also tighten the asphalt making it less permeable, improves permeability by up to 90%. This prevents water and other chemicals from getting into your asphalt that without fail leads to decay and asphalt failure from aggregate loss and freeze and thaw upheavals.

Manufacturers of products found in Home Improvement stores while lower cost are notorious for not covering any failures under their exaggerated warranties. Skeptical? Don't take our word for it see what customers who have bought these products are saying: ASPHALT PRODUCT & WARRANTY REVIEWS. What good is a super long warranty that won't be be honored?

The image below is of a test study done by the city of Cleveland OH between 1977-1987. The left side was sealed with asphalt rejuvenator while the right side was left untreated. The right side is now in need of major repairs if not a complete repave in only 10 years! Don't ever think you can ignore and never maintain your asphalt surfaces. Ashpalt Rejuvenator vs No Rejuvenator

Here's a good shot of a homeowner who did half the driveway while keeping the other half active. Notice the dramatic difference.

Asphalt Sealing Rejuvenator is industrial grade and made to last. Engineered to stop cracking and prevent pot holes due to harmful effects of extreme weather and vehicle fluids. It actually reverses the aging process! No tire tracking or annual touch ups needed. Protects against all vehicle fluids such as gasoline, oil, battery acid, transmission fluids, unaffected by road salts and other caustic chemicals.

Not just a penetrating Sealer, it's an actual surface coating with Adaptive Molecular Technology that allows penetration, permanent adhesion and color restoration all in one application. Unlike other rejuvenators that are not visible during application, ArmorGarage Asphalt Sealing Rejuvenator colors are vibrant allowing you to see exactly where you are applying. Actually fills in small cracks and other blemishes! When dried your asphalt surface will look brand new like the before and after image above!

LOW/NO VOC ODOR asphalt coating that cures in just a few hours and back in service right away! You don't have to use old style toxic black goo coal tar emulsion coatings to resurface your asphalt that can be harmful to your health and the surrounding environment. These are just thin versions of the asphalt you already have on the ground. You need and want something stronger something better and that's ArmorGarage Asphalt Rejuvenator Sealer!

Better durability means less maintenance costs, Low VOC means very user and environmentally friendly. Anyone can apply, no prior experience needed. ArmorGarage 24/7 support if you need any help. Plus Free Shipping!

For large asphalt areas we recommend the 55 gallon drums used with a locally purchased Drum Valve and laying the drum on it's side on a drum trailer. Then simply open the valve and pull trailer up and down the area in straight lines with either mechanical brushes or hand brushes and squeegees.


Size: 5 Gallon Pail will cover 300 sf with one coat. Please note that coverage will vary according to age and condition of your asphalt, specifically if you have never maintained your pavement and it's very dry and pitted you will get less coverage. We therefore do not recommend that you order to the exact square footage, allow yourself a safety margin. Minimum of two coats is required. Use additional coats to increase life span especially in higher traffic load areas.
SURFACE PREPARATIONS Surface must be clean and free from loose material and dirt. Cracks should be filled with ArmorGarage Crack Filling Materials. Oil stains should be cleaned and primed with Oil Spot Primer. APPLICATION EQUIPMENT ARM-154X Ultra shall be applied by mechanical squeegee/ brush equipment or spray equipment capable of spraying coatings with sand. Equipment shall have continuous agitation or mixing capabilities to maintain homogeneous consistency of mixed material throughout the application process. Truck mount or self-propelled squeegee/brush equipment shall have at least 2 squeegee or brush devices (one behind the other) to assure adequate distribution and penetration of ARM-154X Ultra into bituminous pavement. Hand squeegees and brushes shall be acceptable in smaller size jobs where practicality

Asphalt Rejuvenator Application Cures in 2-5 hours depending on temperature and humidity. Caution should be used when applying in very high heat. Surface temperatures over 115 degrees can cause faster than normal drying. In very hot sunny weather apply during morning hours and or keep product pails on ice bags to reduce the temperature of the product, this will allow application to hotter surfaces. Do not keep product in direct sunlight except when applying in cooler weather. Temperature must be 50 degrees and rising. No rain for 24 hours. Allow first coat to dry hard to the touch and then apply second coat in needed areas. Full vehicle service ready once final coat is cured for 24 hrs..

Only use outdoors, not for indoor applications. As with applying any coating we recommend gloves and standard paint respirator as a safety precaution.

Made in the USA!
  • Restores old, dry and damaged asphalt to a new flexible & durable surface by restoring the oils in the bitumen which is critical.
  • Quick dry time and same day back to service!
  • Provides increased traction for foot and vehicle traffic
  • Protects from damaging vehicle fluids and prevents oxidation/brittleness from UV degradation that causes cracking and pot holes.
  • Not an emulsion tar based coating or Latex based.
  • Non Toxic with little to no odor as opposed to traditional asphalt pavement sealers.
  • Does not degrade under prolonged wet conditions as emulsion or latex does
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Easily recoatable with little prep other than standard cleaning
  • Low cost of ownership(Cost of product divided by life span of product)
  • ArmorGarage Rejuvenator cannot be compare to Home Improvement type products. These residential grade products while well advertised with great sounding warranties never delivery what they promise in either performance or warranty coverage.

    The image below is after just one coat of our product! Most of our competition wouldn't even be visible. ASPHALT SEALCOAT THICKNESS Skeptical about premature failures and worthless warranties from other brands? Don't take our word for it see what customers who have actually bought these products are saying: CLICK HERE

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