Industrial Grade Asphalt Resurfacing Coating

Suitable For All Driveways & Commercial Parking Lots

ArmorGarage Asphalt Rejuvenator is the the first alternative to solvent based, smelly, long-curing asphalt coatings. Our Asphalt Rejuvenator is designed to be used instead of traditional solvent based/tar-type coatings to greatly extend asphalt life and appearance. Designed for parking lots, sidewalks, driveways and similar black asphalt areas. Upgrade and protect your asphalt surfaces. Prevents damage from freeze and thaw cycles. Designed to outlast the competition by ArmorGarage engineers. This product overcomes the biggest complaints about Latex and water based asphalt sealers other than the nasty smell and long cure times is that they don't last. Latex based sealers usually need yearly touch ups where there is any tire traffic and emulsion based sealers usually reliquify in high heat causing tire tracking of toxic PAH all over the place. Manufacturers of these products are notorious for not covering any failures under their exaggerated warranties. What good is a super long warranty if it will never be honored?

Asphalt Rejuvenator is industrial grade and made to last, made to stop cracking and pot holes due to harmful effects of extreme weather. No tire tracking or annual touch ups needed. Protects against all vehicle fluids such as gasoline, oil, battery acid, transmission fluids, unaffected by road salts and other caustic chemicals.

Not just a penetrating Sealer, it's an actual surface coating with Adaptive Molecular Technology that allows penetration, permanent adhesion and color restoration all in one application. Unlike other rejuvenators that are not visible during application, ArmorGarage Asphalt Rejuvenator colors are vibrant allowing you to see exactly where you are applying. Actually fills in small cracks and other blemishes! When dried your asphalt surface will look brand new like the before and after image above!

LOW/NO VOC ODOR asphalt coating that cures in just a few hours and back in service right away! You don't have to use old style black goo coal tar emulsion coatings to resurface your asphalt. These are just thin versions of the asphalt you already have on the ground. You need and want something stronger something better and that's ArmorGarage Asphalt Rejuvenator! You even have a choice of colors, Black or Solar Reflective Gray.

Use the Solar Reflective coating where your asphalt may get soft due to extreme heat. Keeping your asphalt cooler extends its lifespan. Keeps customers happier. This is a great option at no additional cost! Better durability means less maintenance costs, Low VOC means very user and environmentally friendly. Anyone can apply, no prior experience needed. ArmorGarage 24/7 support if you need any help. Plus Free Shipping!

4 Year Limited Warranty for 2 coats, 6 Year Limited Warranty for 3 coats. Asphalt Rejuvenator should last you 10 plus years with normal care and usage.

For very large areas see our 210 gallon tote system on a pallet.


Size: 5 Gallon Pail with 3.5 gallons of product. Product is pre-tinted. Comes with can of Part B Activator which gets mixed into the pail and then the mixture is applied with roller, squeegee or spray. Coverage 350 square feet/pail/coat. Minimum of two coats is required. Use additional coats to increase life span especially in higher traffic load areas.
Simple cleaning and degreasing is all that is necessary for surface preparation. Once cleaned patch any pot holes and cracks. Use a good quality product to ensure that the cracks and pot holes do not reappear. Any asphalt older than 3 years must be primed with the asphalt primer.

Simply mix the Part B activator into the pretinted Part A pail for three minutes with the Surface Bond Mixer. This product can be rolled on, applied with 18" flat squeegee or spray on with textured sprayer or Hopper Gun for smaller areas. Airless sprayers cannot be used. Apply at 100 sf/gal. If not using a sprayer, pour product from pail in a bead and spread out with roller or squeegee. If using squeegee we recommend you back roll the second coat to ensure evenness. If your asphalt has lots of cracks and divots we strongly recommend the squeegee method. You will get less coverage on the first coat since you are filling in cracks and divots. Still apply at 100 sf/gal so you have the right coverage over the good areas, you will just use more materials in the cracks and divots thus shortening the total covered area per pail. Allow sufficient time for material in cracks to cure. Deep cracks and large deep holes should be patched. Order additional material to compensate. One pail covers 350 sf.

Asphalt Rejuvenator Application Cures in 1-6 hours depending on temperature and humidity. Caution should be used when applying in very high heat. Surface temperatures over 110 degrees can cause flash drying. In very hot weather apply during morning hours. Ice water can be primed through sprayer to keep product temperature lower. Do not keep product in direct sunlight except when applying in cooler weather. Temperature must be 50 degrees and rising. No rain for 24 hours. Allow first coat to dry and then apply second coat. Full service ready once second coat is fully dry and hard to the touch.

  • Restores old and damaged asphalt to new looking durable surface.
  • Provides increased traction for foot and vehicle traffic
  • Protects from damaging vehicle fluids and prevents oxidation/brittleness from UV degradation that causes cracking and pot holes.
  • Not an emulsion tar based coating or Latex based.
  • Does not degrade under prolonged wet conditions as emulsion or latex does
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Easily recoatable
  • Low cost of ownership(Cost of product divided by life span of product)
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