Asphalt Sealer & Coatings

ArmorGarage Asphalt Rejuvenator Is An Industrial Grade Asphalt Sealer
ArmorGarage Surface Bond Is A Decorative Color Finish For Indoor - Outdoor Concrete & Asphalt Surfaces

Tired Of Sealing Your Asphalt Driveways & Parking Lots Over And Over Again?

Our High Durability Surface Coatings(HDSCs) for Asphalt and Concrete are made to outlast standard latex and tar emulsion sealers. Not comparable to any Home Improvement or contractor grade product available. ArmorGarage produces two types of products that can be used for just about every type of indoor-outdoor asphalt and concrete application. Both of our Asphalt coatings are made to eliminate the constant resealing of asphalt surfaces.

Surface Bond is available in dozens of colors for flat concrete, stamped concrete, indoor and outdoor asphalt surfaces. We even have Solar Reflective colors to keep asphalt from getting soft in high heat environments and to keep concrete decks and plazas cool in the blazing sun. Surface Bond is perfect for resurfacing and sealing asphalt parking lots, parking decks, driveways, decorative concrete and stamped concrete surfaces. Far superior than traditional concrete stains, latex based and asphalt emulsion sealers that leave just a thin film of product that almost disappears after application. Surface Bond is a thick high performance 100% acrylic polymer that penetrates and is thick enough to leave a surface layer of product to actually fill in cracks and divots. So it actually repairs, protects and beautifies all at the same time. High vehicle traffic rated which makes it great for cross walks, bike lanes and heavy pedestrian foot traffic at stadiums or amusement parks. If you've been recoating your asphalt or concrete over and over again it's time you used ArmorGarage Surface Bond to break the never ending cycle. In fact the more coats you put on of the same type of inferior products the worst your situation becomes not to mention the costlier it becomes.

Our Asphalt Rejuvinator is an industrial grade asphalt sealer and also a rejuvenator. It is made specifically to repair asphalt that has been damaged to exposure to the elements and vehicle fluids either due to lack of sealer maintenance or the application of inferior quality products. Outlasts and outperforms any traditional asphalt sealer both in durability and back to full service cure time. Restores flexibility, fills in cracks and revitalizes the bitumen oils that holds your asphalt together. Cannot be compared to off the shelf products from home improvement stores. Simple to apply with professional results without the toxic smelly mess or premature failures. Available in two colors(black & solar Reflective gray), 4 gallon pails for smaller jobs or 210 gallon Totes for large size projects such as stadium parking areas or large shopping malls.

Both Surface Bond and Asphalt Rejuvenator are nontoxic and environmentally friendly. No toxic chemicals or noxious fumes to worry about. Will not track product all over your property. Outlasts the competition because itís not made from the same materials your asphalt is made from which oxidizes and degrades from UV and moisture exposure. UV rays and moisture are the two destructive forces standard asphalt sealers cannot stand up to. They begin to degrade almost immediately after application. ArmorGarage HDSCs solve this issue! Easily applied with no experience needed. Quick recoat and full cure times makes this the perfect choice for busy consumers and businesses.

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