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Industrial Grade Asphalt Sealer For Parking Decks, Parking Lots, Plazas, Bike Lanes and Driveways.ArmorGarage Asphalt Rejuvenator
Refinish Your Indoor or Outdoor Concrete & Asphalt Surfaces With ArmorGarage Color Surface Bond

Stop Recoating Your Driveways & Parking Lots Every Year With Asphalt Sealer Products That Don't Last!

ArmorGarge has developed an extensive line of HDSCs(High Durability Surface Coatings) for Asphalt and Concrete surfaces. HDSCs are made to last much longer than your standard off the shelf Driveway Sealers and Parking Lot emulsion coatings. We carry color coatings, textured coatings and large format packages for commercial & industrial applications. Surface Bond comes in two versions and dozens of colors for flat concrete, stamped concrete, indoor and outdoor asphalt. We even have Solar Reflective colors to keep asphalt from getting soft or keep decks and plazas cool in the blazing sun. Surface Bond is perfect resurfacing and sealing parking lots, parking decks, driveways, decorative concrete and stamped concrete surfaces. Far superior than traditional concrete stains latex based and asphalt emulsion sealers that leave just a thin film of product that almost disappears. Surface Bond is a thick high performance 100% acrylic polymer that penetrates and is thick enough to actually fill in cracks and divots.

Our Asphalt Rejuvinator is for projects where your driveway or parking lot needs a face lift and you want to extend their life expectancy. Outlasts and out performs any traditional asphalt sealer both in durability and back to full service cure time. Available in two colors(black & solar Reflective gray), 4 gallon pails for smaller jobs or 210 gallon Totes for large size projects.

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