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Texture Roof, Deck & Balcony Coating

ArmorTop is an amazing coating developed by us in response to the high demand for an outdoor concrete and asphalt coating. ArmorTop works on Concrete, Cement, Bricks and Wood Two coats of Armortop provides the most durable coatings on the market today.

ArmorTop is excellent for Roof Decks, Outdoor Walk Ways, Overhead Walk Ways, Handicap Ramps, Stairways, and can be applied over previous Cool Deck coatings. Can also be applied over Stucco or Plaster. ArmorTop is a slip resistant durable textured coating. Extremely hard shell finish will not fade, chip crack or yellow. Can be used directly onto substrates or over our waterproof base coat where a 100% waterproof installation is needed such as on Roof Decks.

ArmorTop provides a durable colored topping for horizontal concrete, wood and asphalt surfaces. Its satin sheen makes ArmorTop deck coating an aesthetically pleasing finish that effectively evens out texture and color variations on cast concrete substrates.


ArmorTop's epoxy-modified acrylic finish is chemical resistant and is designed to resist abrasion, weathering and moisture degradation. It's recommended for non vehicular surfaces such as docks, recreational courts, high traffic walkways and platforms, pool decks, patio decks and commercial duty floors.

It provides a finely textured, weather-resistant color finish that is bare foot friendly on vertical or horizontal surfaces such as building exteriors, highway bridge structures, median barriers, retaining walls and noise abatement walls. For coating over tiles or wood purchase the ArmorTop Primer. In addition, ArmorTop may be used over ArmorRoof or other roof coatings to delineate walkways and service areas, as well as to incorporate non-skid properties.

ArmorTop can also be used in combination with our base coat on applications requiring a waterproof membrane topcoated with a nonskid colored finish. This system is particularly good on above grade decks, roof decks as well as balconies and lanais.

FINISH: ArmorTop cures to an attractive flat or textured finish 17 Mils thick.

ArmorTop provides a durable colored topping for horizontal concrete and asphalt surfaces. In addition, its satin sheen makes ArmorTop an aesthetically pleasing wall dressing that effectively evens out texture and color variations over various concrete substrates.


ArmorTop is a single package material available in 1-gallon cans, 5-gallon pails. ArmorTop should be thoroughly mixed prior to application utilizing a power mixer capable of uniformly mixing the entire container. Mix the container periodically to prevent settling of the non-skid texture aggregate.


  • Solids by Weight: 52% [ASTM D2369]
  • Solids by Volume: 38% [ASTM D2697]
  • Weight per Gallon: 10.5 lbs. (4.8 kg) (.5)
  • Flash Point: >200F (93C) [ASTM D3278]
  • Dry Time: To Touch: 30 minutes To Recoat: 1 to 2 hours. Light foot traffic 8 Hrs. @ 75F (24C), 50% R.H. [ASTM D1640]
  • Cure Time: Heavy Usage- 48 hours @ 75F (24C), 50% R.H. [ASTM D1640]
  • Gloss: 2.5 (60 Gardner) [ASTM D523]
  • Hardness: 3H pencil [ASTM D3363]
  • Temperature for Normal Service Conditions: -30F to 150F (-34C to 66

Concrete surfaces must first be etched clean and rinsed well.

Plywood and other wood surfaces must be sanded clean and have all seams prepped with our seam mastic and mesh. Allow mastic to dry a full 24 hrs before applying waterproof basecoat.

Apply ArmorTop in 2 separate coats. Apply second coat perpendicular to first coat. Each coat applied at 200-250 sq.ft per gallon. Best applied using a 3/8" nap roller. Brush edges and corners. Wait 2-3 hours between coats for coating to be dry to the touch.


ArmorTop can be applied over outdoor tiles when primed with the ArmorTop primer first. Apply Primer at 400 sq ft per gallon and allow to dry to the touch before applying ArmorTop. For above grade applications where waterproofing is required such as Balconies or roof decks above finished spaces. Use Armor Waterproof Base Coat in lieu of primer. Purchase Primer and base coat separately see products on main page. ArmorTop must be used only with ArmorTop primer and the Armor Waterproof basecoat when coating over Roof Deck tiles.

  • Single package, water-based system for ease of application and clean-up.
  • Bonds tenaciously to concrete, masonry and wood surfaces.
  • Resists ultraviolet degradation for long term protection and color stability.
  • Provides durable, non-skid texture on interior or exterior surfaces.
  • Resists wear and abrasion through the incorporation of an epoxy additive.
  • Protects against asphalt degradation by sealing in the vital oils of the asphalt mix.
  • Helps prevent dusting and spalling of concrete surfaces.
  • Surfaces resist penetration from general soils, motor oils and gasoline for ease in cleaning.
  • No toxic fumes or objectionable odor. Meets all VOC requirements.

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