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We offer two non epoxy Garage Flooring options with the best guarantees in the business! Our Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles are guaranteed for life and our Rubber Garage Floor Mats carry a 10 year guarantee, standard mats only come with 5 year guarantees. Our tiles and mats are made with two key features in mind - that they are priced right and made to last! Other Garage Floor Tiles and Mats simply can't compare to ours.

Hollow cored tiles made from Polypropylene are no match for Armor Tiles that are made from 100% Prime Solid PVC. Hollow cored tiles have a wear surface of 1/16th of an inch that make click clack noises when walked on(you can hear the cheapness) versus a 1/4" of solid PVC in our tiles that is actually sound deadening.

It's why the U.S. Army after experimenting with many popular brand tiles selected Armor Tile for their high profile weapons range. It was the only tile that stood up to the harsh environment of high caliber floor mounted machine guns, thousands of hot shell casings, caustic cleaning solvents and heavy ammo boxes while still looking good for visiting VIPs. Simply put Prime Virgin PVC is made to last a lifetime and Polypropylene, especially recycled Polypropylene is not, it's why we guarantee our tiles for Life and other manufacturers can't and don't.

As a final point when builders want to save money on plumbing they substitute Polypropylene pipes for PVC pipes. They are the black plastic pipes known in the trade as ABS pipe which is less than half of the cost of PVC pipes. So when you buy hollow cored Polypropylene tiles you are getting a tile that contains less than half the material in product weight that our tiles have and that costs less than half the material we use.

Our Garage Mats are made from 100% high density polyvinyl rubber. As opposed to most other mats that are made from less expensive plain rubber or all vinyl. Plain rubber or vinyl mats are inferior floor coverings that do not wear the same and are prone to curling, bunching up and becoming unsightly in just a few years. Our Garage Mats are far superior and we back that claim up with a 10 Year Guarantee! Other mats are lucky to make it past 5 years, while 100% vinyl mats are extremely flimsy and very slippery when wet!

Our Garage Tiles and Garage Mats are used in every imaginable application and not just for Garage Floors. So while you may save a few dollars with other brands you will be buying two to three floors versus one ArmorGarage Floor!

ARMOR TILE Are an amazing interlocking tile for garage floors, shop floors, showroom floors and just about any other commercial or industrial floor. With nine different styles, thicknesses and patterns, we have the most complete line of interlocking tiles to meet your project needs. Made from 100% Solid Prime(Virgin) PVC, not from cheap recycled PVC substitute materials such as polypropylene. Not hollow cored! Super strong water tight seams! 100,000lb Roll Over Capacity! Installation is super fast with no adhesives or floor prepping needed! Install a new interlocking tile floor for a 2 1/2 car garage in half a day! Rated best interlocking tile by U.S. Army! Click on images at left for report. For more info and to purchase Armor Tile click the link below.

Buy Armor Tile: The Only Interlocking Garage Tiles With A Lifetime Guarantee!

ARMOR MATS are patterned rolls of rubber Garage Flooring that come in 7.5', 8',9' and 10' widths and lengths up to 70'. Our Garage Mats are available in either Coin(shown above), Ribbed, Flat or Diamond Patterns. Garage Mats are a great looking economical option for Garage Floors, Dog Kennels, Loading Areas, Lobbies, Shop Floors and many other Institutional and Industrial applications. Extremely durable and even rated for outdoor decks and patios! Order the size or sizes that best fit your floor area, roll them out and trim to fit if needed with a utility knife. That's how easy and fast it is. A wall to wall installation for a typical 2 1/2 car Garage Floor is an hour or less. For more info and to purchase an Armor Mat click the link below.

Buy Armor Mats: The Only Mat Flooring With A 10 Year Guarantee!

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