Garage Floor Epoxy Kit & Installation

We get asked a lot of times about how do you install a decal and how do you get the grout lines in some of the garage epoxy floor images we have. Below we outline how to do each one.


This is pretty simple, first you must purchase the decal of your choice making sure that it is of a material that is paintable. Ask the company from whom you are buying the decal from if the decal is suitable for an epoxy clear coat over it. Most decals are.

Prep the floor and apply the garage epoxy per the instructions. When you get to the area where you plan to place the decal do not apply any of the colored chips to that area. All you want is just the epoxy to glue the decal to. After applying the garage floor epoxy let it dry fully then place the decal onto the garage floor epoxy. Let the decal sit overnight and then roller the clear topcoat over the floor and decal. The decal will now look like it was embedded into the epoxy.

Grout line effect or checker-boarding look

To get the effect of grout lines in your epoxy floor you need to do the following:

Clean and prep the floor per the instructions. Then you can lightly pencil in the lines you would like to have in the epoxy onto the concrete. Then take the epoxy(ARM144) from the grout line kit and with the 3" roller apply the epoxy over the pencil lines. Let the epoxy lines dry. Then with Green Painters tape apply the line pattern you desire onto the epoxy paint for the entire floor. Choose the width that you would like the grout lines to be ie: 1/2", 3/4" or 1". Apply the tape centered in the 3" epoxy stripes so that you have exposed epoxy on each side of the tape. This allows you to blend in the epoxy that will make up the squares into the grout lines. Make sure to apply the tape accurately since this will be what your grout lines will look like when done.

After applying the tape apply the garage epoxy and chips into each taped off square. Do the floor in small sections per the directions. Let the floor epoxy set for 20-30 minutes and then with your spiked soles on go back and carefully remove the tape for that section. Do not let the epoxy harden on the tape. You should now have squares of epoxy with grout lines in between. If doing the Armor Granite Pattern 7&8 Dark you will apply all the Tan epoxy into the squares and apply the chips as you apply the epoxy. If you're doing Pattern 7 & 8 Light you will apply the tan to every other square and let dry overnight then apply the Desert Tan into the remaining squares and apply the second bag of color chips as you apply the epoxy. Let dry overnight. Then scrape the flakes as flat as you can and clean up. Then apply the topcoat per the instructions in your kit.

Adding grout lines is more work and takes some time and patience to get it right but the look is dramatic. The extra chips and spiked soles are included with every Armor Granite Garage Epoxy floor kit . The standard checker board pattern in the Granite kit is Pattern 7&8 but you may choose any chip color combo you want to. Simply add a note in the comment box telling us which chip color pattern(s) you want.

This kit includes the necessary epoxy floor primer, 3" roller, the two color chip combos and second color of epoxy if desired.

You must purchase one grout kit for each full Armor Granite Garage epoxy kit. If purchasing a Half kit you must purchase an additional grout kit. For example if you purchase 1 Full Chip kit and one Half kit you must purchase 2 grout kits.

Standard Grout Line color is Tan unless otherwise noted by you.


If you are interested in doing your own design, see How to design your own custom garage floor epoxy

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