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Tile Protective Coatings

Armor Tile Protective Coating is a clear, urethane-type coating specifically designed to be applied to Armor Tile floors. As you can see in the above images especially the before and after shots of the black tiles in the Firehouse it adds a protective gloss sheen to the surface. This is for applications that want added protection from chemical and vehicle fluid spills or other type of contaminants that requires frequent washings. Makes the tiles more water tight by sealing the seams. Strongly recommended for any floor that has high volume traffic, lots of salt slush and outside dirt being tracked in. The coating makes cleaning the tiles much easier. Should also be used whenever vehicles will be stationary on the tiles for extended periods or for vehicles with have high performance tires. The coating will prevent the compounds from leaching out of the tires and permanently staining the tiles .

Very heavy duty and will provide many years of life so you don't have to worry about the coating being a maintenance issue!

Also great for residential purposes for people who just want a gloss finish Coverage approximately 300 sq ft/gal.

Another alternative to protect against tire staining is a product from Hillway Direct. Recently we have seen more and more stain causing additives in regular street tires so we strongly recommend Hillway Direct Plus Cleaner and Maintainer for all tiles without the Armor Shield Additive. You can even order the micro fiber application mop from the same website which from our research has the best prices. This is a great product that will give you years of maintenance free service. We have never had a complaint about this product.


First make sure the tiles are clean, a mopping with Simple Green is recommended and then a damp mopping with plain water to remove any residue. Let floor dry thoroughly!

Apply the coating with a 9" Shur Line Pad available at Home Depot or Lowes. Pour a bead of product directly onto the tiles from left to right or right to left. Then spread the coating with the Shur Line Pad horizontally over two rows of tiles. Moving the puddle of product over the tiles in an even coat. Work the puddle over the seams to make sure the product seeps in thoroughly. Then work the pad vertically in one direction towards you only over the two rows of tiles to smoothen the coating out and to remove any puddles. Do not use any pressure on the pad, just lightly glide the pad from the top row toward you lightly to smoothen and to remove any bubbles. Then do the next two rows.

Once you've done a row you'll know exactly how much product to pour onto the floor. So on the first two rows it's best to err on the short side rather than having too much product to work with.

It's good to have a helper to pour while you apply the coating and also to be a spotter for any spots you might miss.

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