Sq. Foot Quantity
Sold by the square foot this Novolac Cement comes with epoxy mixture and aggregate, broadcast sand purchased locally. Applied with guage rake and porcupine roller to release air and then sand is broadcast onto surface till rejection. Provides a thermal and acid resistant floor. Withstands up to 300 degrees, great for hot wash down areas or hot chemical spill areas. Coverage is 80 sq @ 1/16", max thickness is 1/4". Minimum order is 80 square feet. This floor is indestructible, when we try to cut sample pieces it destroyed our band saw blade in seconds.

If your floor has suffered severe corrosion due to chemical or acid exposure than this is the product you need to resurface your floor. It will provide you with a permanent acid resistant floor surface that wears like iron.

It will fill in pits, voids, cracks and relevel your floor.

Applied in 1/8" to 1/4" thickness. Used mainly to resurface floors that are in poor shape and that are exposed to extreme loads in acid or chemical environments. This is just simply amazing stuff that provides a beautiful finish that you can roll tanks over without destroying it.

Applied with a gauge rake as in the above photo and pin roller at the desired thickness. Simply mix all provided components and pour onto floor spread with gauge rake, pin roll to release air and let set. Pot life is 20 minutes, light traffic in 12-14 hours and full cure in 48 hrs.

Each kit will cover 41 square feet at 1/8" thickness.

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