Amazing Acid-Safe etching kit contains everything you need to properly prep your concrete garage floors, decks, porches or other concrete surfaces.

A proper etching & neutralizing is a must for epoxy coating concrete with ArmorGarage garage floor epoxy or Renew It. If doing a new concrete garage floor or if your concrete is really dirty purchase this to do a second etch to get the floor properly cleaned and the pores opened up.

Acid Safe leaves no harmful residues in the concrete, that other acids or chemicals do, that may affect the permanent bonding characteristics of the coating. Mix with 4 gallons water, sprinkle evenly over wet concrete surface and scrub in with stiff bristle shop broom, let sit 5-10 minutes, sprinkle TSP powder evenly over surface while wet, scrub in and rinse well. Let surface dry for 48 hrs minimum.

Kit includes 2 lbs of high performance TSP powder, 1 gal of environmentally safe concentrated etching solution Includes stiff brush and gloves. Treats about 300-500 sq ft. Unique buffered mild acid solution has low fumes/odor and is safe for landscape and pets. Does a great job without the mess and dangers of traditional acids.

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It is critically important that your concrete slab is perfectly clean and the pores opened up. The slab should look like new concrete with no black or dark spots. When you kneel down and look closely at the concrete you should also see tiny pin holes in it. When you rub your hand over the concrete it should feel like 150 grit sandpaper. Multiple etchings may be necessary to get a dirty floor clean. If the floor is extremely dirty with stubborn stains it's best to diamond grind. You can rent floor grinders now from Home Depot. After you grind you will need to rinse the floor off so it's a good time to acid etch and neutralize with the TSP powder.

If you are renting a commercial grinder from an industrial tool rental place get the largest grinder you can use. Insist on new bits of at least 20 grit or so. Otherwise you will be there for a long time grinding with worn out bits or a small dinky machine. If a Vac accessory is available for the machine, get it. There will be a lot of dust when you grind and Shop Vacs will not work, they will clog up in two minutes. Even with a good Vac system you most likely will still have to wash the floor to get rid of all the dust. Apply some duct tape to the floor and see if any concrete dust is stuck to the bottom of it when you pull it up. Dust on the tape is not clean enough, no dust or a miniscule amount means you're good to go.

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