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5/16" Interlocking Dove Tail Garage Floor Tiles


Super Heavy Duty 20.5" x 20.5" tiles that are 5/16" thick of solid Prime PVC. These tiles have our extra strong Dove Tail connections that are machined to a very close tolerance for a tight fitting solid floor that will not compress, shift or lift. These tiles can absorb heavy impacts and high forklift, steel wheel or foot traffic without ever wearing out! Super heavy duty but still flexible so that they will conform to the contour of your floor. This is an important factor since we all know that no floor is perfectly level. This is where all Hollow Peg & Loop type tiles come up short, they are all very brittle plastic that causes them to fail at high or low stress points.

The Dove Tail connectors are so tightly machined that the seam virtually disappears when you knock them together. The finish is a slight textured finish so that they are not slippery. The textured finish is less pronounced than our standard 1/4" flat tiles that have an orange peel type finish and our slate finish tiles which has the heaviest pattern.

Each tile is an incredible 5.5Lbs each! This is as solid a floor as you can get, it can handle large heavy impacting objects and high volume-high tonnage traffic. There are no comparable interlocking tiles on the market to these tiles. These tiles carry an unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

Order the square footage of the color(s) of your choice and don't forget to allow 5% for cutting waste and to have a couple of spare tiles left over. Each tile is 2.9 SF, divide your total square footage by 2.9 to determine how many tile s you will receive. Also at door ways order one Male Ramp Edge for each tile you want to ramp down.


Simply start from front to back installing full tiles. Leave the side wall and back wall cuts for last. If you end up with a small 1-3" piece on each side wall we suggest you shift the floor to one side to give yourself a bigger piece to work with.

We recommend that you cut the tabs of the front row tiles where you will slide the ramp edge onto and then put a bead of good construction adhesive under the ramp and part of the first row tiles to lock everything in place. You can also put some good epoxy glue such as JB Weld inside the U-Slot of the ramp edge to glue the tile to the inside of the edging for added strength.

Floor prep is simple, just sweep the floor clean. If gluing the floor down for commercial installations we suggest you power wash the floor to remove all dirt and loose debris. We would also suggest you mix a cup of TSP with 5 gallons of water and scrub that over the floor to degrease it. Oil or grease in the floor could effect the bonding of the adhesive.

Tiles can be cut with any power saw, circular cuts can be made with a utility knife. If cutting around door jambs a mini circular saw works great or you can use a utility knife for these cuts. But if you have a lot of these cuts to make it's best to have a mini circular saw.

If gluing the tiles down you should install aprox half the tiles then begin gluing the tiles down. Once the half is completed with the glue then you can remove the other half and reinstall them with glue. The reason for this extra step is make sure that you are installing the tiles perfectly square. If you are off a little bit you will get to a point where the interlocking tabs won't fit together. Not a big deal when not gluing them down but an obvious bigger problem if the tiles are glued down. Installing about half the floor loose will ensure you're tiles are square.

Once you've installed your new tiles be sure to protect them with our tile clear coat or a good coat of commercial wax. Tires today are made with new additives and plasticizers that can cause the rubber to leach out of your tires and stain the tiles. This holds true for any tile. Also see our Tiles with the Armor Shield additive which is injected into the tiles and protects the tiles from all types of staining. Please note that due to the varied nature of tire compounds the warranty does not cover tire staining on tiles without the Armor Shield Additive or purchase of the Armor Tile coating.

The tiles are guaranteed for life. If a tile is defective we will replace it free of charge. In the unlikely event that you manage to somehow damage a tile you can easily replace it with one on your shelf. The tiles can be popped out as easy as they were knocked together. If for some reason you don't have any spares we will ship you out new tiles for just the cost of the shipping

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