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Fast drying Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

Our newest formulation is the latest in industrial floor epoxy technology that is incredibly versatile. This two part epoxy paint allows you to coat any concrete surface indoors or outdoors down to temperatures as low as -20 degree with incredible adhesion, unmatched abrasion resistance and dries to the touch in as little as 2 hours! Now your floors can be back in service with light traffic in 3-4 Hrs and heavy traffic the next day. Typical epoxy coatings need Temperatures above 55 degrees and 3-4 days for full cure. Most epoxy coatings cannot be applied in outdoor applications and those that do are not very durable.

ArmorGarage has overcome all the drawbacks of a fast drying, low temp/outdoor rated epoxies. Ultra Fast has an amazing 725 psi adhesion test rating, this is far beyond any other epoxy coating, it has an abrasion rating of an amazingly low 3mg which means it is exponentially more scratch and abrasion resistant than the best the competition has to offer. No other epoxy coating comes even close.

It is also UV rated so it won't yellow even under continuous exposure to sunlight, it is resistant to just about any and all chemicals, acids and even Skydrol which is the nastiest stuff you can imagine.

Comes in clear version as standard can be field tinted with our color tint packs. Please allow an extra 2-3 week lead time for nonstock colors.

Coverage is an average of 400-500 SF per two gallon set depending on surface condition, concrete porosity and method of application. As always we recommend you allow yourself at least a 10% safety factor when calculating the square footage of your floor. We also recommend you use a low nap lint free roller such as a mohair type roller.

Mix ratio is 1:1, Pot Life is about 25 minutes, cures in about 4 Hrs for light foot traffic and full cure in 24 hrs for vehicle traffic. See Tabs above for Color Chart and Tech Data Sheet for more product and application details.

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Important: Read all directions thoroughly. Recommended: Wear gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing or apron.

SURFACE PREP* New concrete should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 28 days. The concrete must be structurally sound, dry, and free of grease, oils, coatings, dust, curing compounds and other coatings or contaminants. Surface laitance must be removed. Rising moisture vapor emission rate must not exceed 3 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. over a 24 hour period as measured by calcium chloride test method ASTM F-1869. you can also test for moisture by taping and sealing a 3'x3' piece of plastic onto the floor and let sit for 48 hrs then check for any moisture underneath. The preferred method of surface preparation is abrasive blasting or grinding using diamond heads to achieve a final 80–120 grit finish as an alternate a strong acid etching can be done. Surface must be perfectly clean & dry and have an emery board texture.

ADDING COLORANT Add colorant to Part A prior to mixing Parts A and B. Carefully monitor amount of colorant added to each gallon to ensure color is uniform. On large projects, make sure all colorant is from the same lot # or intermix all colorants.

AMOUNT OF COLORANT ADDED PER ONE GALLON OF PART A: Opaque 16 oz* Translucent 8 oz *Do not add more than 16 ounces of colorant to a gallon of Part A for any reason.


Combine one part by volume of Part A with one part by volume of Part B and thoroughly mix using a low speed drill with mixing attachment for 3 minutes. Mix only what you can roll on within 20-25 minutes (approximately 1 gallon of mixed material per crew of two applicators wearing optional spiked shoes). Do not aerate the mix. Ultra Fast can be applied using short nap lint-free mohair roller. Once surface has been properly prepped, mix product in accurate Part B & Part A ratio in batches. We recommend getting some clear calibrated mixing containers to accurately measure out each component. Pour product directly onto surface in a bead from left to right and then roll out evenly and repeat till surface is fully covered. For slip resistance we recommend the addition of our nonslip additive.

CLEAN-UP, STORAGE AND DISPOSAL CLEAN-UP: Clean tools and application equipment immediately after use with an active solvent like xylene. Clean spills or drips while still wet with solvent. Any dried coating will require mechanical abrasion for removal. Do not use alcohol “IPA” or Lacquer thinner blends that contain alcohol to clean equipment or tools. HANDLING: Do not directly breathe mixed product vapors or dusts. Use of an air respirator is recommended. Individuals with lung or breathing problems or prior allergic reactions to isocyanates must not be exposed to vapors or dusts. KEEP FROM FREEZING: Store in a cool, well ventilated area above freezing. DISPOSAL: Collect with absorbent material. Dispose of in accordance with current local, state and federal regulations. LIMITATIONS

Do not aerate during mixing. Apply when temperature is -20° to 130°F. Do not apply if water or ice is present. Lower temperatures will slow cure time. Do not store at temperatures below 40°F. Cure new concrete 28 days before application. Do not apply to slabs on grade unless a heavy uninterrupted vapor barrier has been installed under the slab. Do not apply if the floor Moisture Vapor Rating is higher than 3 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. MAINTENANCE AND CARE

ArmorGarage Industrial Flooring Systems are monolithic, making them very very easy to clean because dirt and contaminants remain on the nonstick surface. Maintenance should be only mild soap and water. Coating can be cleaned with sponge mop, sponge squeegee, damp mop, power washer etc.

CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Avoid contact with skin. If splashed in the eyes remove contact lenses if worn. Flush eyes with clean water. If irritation occurs get medical attention. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Take immediately to hospital or physician. For more information refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: • Low VOC < 50, SCAQMD Approved, Low Odor, • Rapid Return to Service in 24 hours, • Outstanding Color and Gloss Retention • Highly Chemical Resistant • Available in: – Clear 2 Gallon Kit, – Clear 10 Gallon Kit, – 32 oz. Color Packs (see color chart for available colors)

RECOMMENDED USES: • Restaurants • Stadiums • Hospital and care facilities • Residential garage floors, driveways, patios • Manufacturing plants • Kennels • Universities • Veterinarian hospitals


  • Mixed VOC Content < 50 g/L*
  • Mix Ratio (by volume) 1:1
  • Tack Free Time 2 hours
  • Recoat Time (min/max) 2 hrs / 24 hrs
  • Light Foot Traffic 6 hours
  • Vehicular Traffic (hours) 24 hours
  • ASTM D-570 – Water Absorption (24 hrs.) < 0.5%
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE Flammability, Self-extinguishing
  • Tensile Strength psi 4,500–5,200 psi
  • Tensile Elongation % - 25%–30%
  • ASTM D-695 – Compressive Strength: @ 24 hours 6,700 @ 7 days 7,950
  • ASTM D-4060 – Abrasion Resistance (CS-17) 3 mg
  • ASTM D-4366 – Konig Hardness 137
  • ASTM D-4541 – Adhesion Strength 725 psi
  • *EPA Method 24 – Floor Category


    Acetic Acid Acetone Ammonia 30%, >Ammonium Hydroxide 30%, Animal Urine, Antifreeze, Benzyl Alcohol, Brake Fluid, Calcium Hypochlorite (Chlorine), Chromic Acid 10%, Citric Acid 10%, Clorox, Ethyl Acetate, Gasoline, Glycol Ether, Hydraulic Fluids, Hydrochloric Acid 35%, Hydrofluoric Acid 40%, Hydrogen Peroxide 30%, Iodine 2%, MEK, Methano, l Methyl Cellosolve, Methylene Chloride, Mineral Spirits Motor Oil, Nitric Acid 20%, Nitric Acid 40%, Phosphoric Acid 10%, Phosphoric Acid 30%, Phosphoric Acid 50%, PM Solvent, Silver Nitrate 20%, Skydrol, Sodium Hydroxide 50% (Caustic Soda), Sodium Hypochlorite 15% (Bleach), Sodium Hypochlorite 50% (Bleach), Sulfuric Acid 10% (Battery Acid), Sulfuric Acid 50% (Battery Acid), Tolulene, Trichloroethylene (1,1,1) Trichloroethylene, Windshield Wiper Fluid, Xylene.