Armor Ultra Fast is a revolutionary proprietary epoxy floor coating system where specific needs such as immediate back-in-service time is required.

UltraFast is the next generation beyond epoxies using NASA-formulated copolymers, resins, and polyaspartic formulations to achieve amazing floor coating results with minimal downtime. UltraFast is great for garages (where you can’t leave your ’stuff’ outside overnight), low temperature situations such as coolers and freezers, warehouses, loading docks, factory production floors and industrial use where the normal 3-7 day downtime of epoxies can’t be tolerated and thousands of other applications. Great for car dealers and repair shop environments that need to be ‘back to work’ quickly.

Although UltraFast is significantly more expensive than standard dry time epoxy, frequently the shorter curing times (overnight or less) make it far worth the additional expense. Ultrafast is extremely resistant to all types of acids, solvents, fuels, oils and paints. It’s almost impossible to remove and extremely durable. Ultrafast is 100% UV stable and excellent for outdoor applications in sunlight.

Unlike traditional epoxies which are not UV tolerant, Ultrafast can be used outdoors on concrete driveways and patios. The resins in Ultrafast are completely UV-resistant and can withstand many years of outdoor use. Ultrafast cannot yellow or fade, even in direct sunlight.

Now, you can start your project in the morning and be back in service in the late afternoon. That’s how fast UltraFast dries!

UltraFast is a 3-step process (3 tough layers) of very quick drying 2-component products (you simply mix A & B together). Available in five colors, Clear, Beige, Medium Gray, Lt Gray, Tan and Tile Red, see Ultra color chart for color reference. Decorative flecks/chips can be easily applied to the Base Coating while wet to achieve a ‘terrazzo’ or ‘granite’ type look, and then the protective clear topcoat is applied. We recommend 10lbs of chips per 500 sq ft for the terrazzo look and 20 lbs of chips per 500 sq ft for the granite look. In addition, we offer a non skid additive for the topcoat layer if desired. Use the standard Ultra Clear Topcoat if 5-6 Hr dry time is acceptable. Use the Ultra Fast Clear topcoat that dries in 1 Hr if faster cure time is required.

The application process is similar to using traditional epoxies (mix parts A & B together) and applied with a roller. The only difference is that due to the shorter working times of these products, we recommend mixing in smaller batches to avoid pre-hardening before it is properly applied. See application instructions below for more details. System comes complete with primer coat, base coat, clear topcoat, rollers, mixer and nonslip additive.

See the Colored Chips page for full color chip chart. You can order any combination of chips you like.

ORDERING: Coverage is 450 sq ft per kit. Coverage may vary depending on texture and porosity of of floor, rougher and more porous floors will get less coverage.

APPLICATION: Floor must be dry, clean and free of any oil or grease stains. Floor prep is by either Acid Etching, diamond grinding or shot blasting. Stir each can of the Primer individually first then pour Part A & Part B into a mixing bucket in a 1:1 ratio of Part A to Part B. Mix well for 3-4 minutes with supplied mixing wand in your drill on low speed. Roller on Primer Coat. Primer coat will cure sufficiently in 2-3 hours. Mix entire color pack into the can of Part A. Mix a small batch of the Base Coat in a 2:1 ratio of Part A to Part B. Be ready to apply immediately after mixing, Ultra Fast begins to harden in 15 minutes. Repeat in small batches until floor is coated, if Primer coat is still slightly tacky you can still apply Ultra Fast while wearing the supplied spiked soles. If using chips, immediately disperse chips onto wet Ultra Fast right after you roller onto floor. Apply chips in an even pattern for best results. Allow Ultra Fast to cure completely, about 1-2 Hrs then apply clear topcoat. Allow topcoat to dry to touch before returning floor to full service.