kitchen countertop refinishing kits


Make your old fashioned countertop look like newly installed granite at a fraction of the cost.

ArmorGranite Countertop Coating has patented microscopic multicolored liquid metal droplets embedded in the epoxy. When applied with the special Stone Effect Roller these droplets spread out into a granite pattern, so a perfect finish is not left to chance as with other kits that require you to apply chips to their base paint to achieve a granite effect. Unlike those kits which are very difficult to work with, you can avoid mistakes while using our kits even if you're not a pro at it. Nicole was so happy with her results. She sent in the above before and after shots of her Brown Stone countertop refinishing kit with the following message:

"I just finished using your refinishing kit on my kitchen counters. I just had to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I have 1980's formica counters that were in pretty good shape but they just looked old and outdated. I have tried two different products and was not happy with the results. I was about to give up and shell out money for new counters when I found your website. What luck! I purchased the brownstone kit. When I first applied the granite paint I thought I received the wrong color but when it dried it looked amazing. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results. It was so easy to apply and the results are incredible. Thank you so much. I just love my kitchen now. My sister-in-law was so impressed with the results that she will be ordering a kit for herself".
Sincerely, Nicole T.

Here's another comment from a happy customer and some pictures of her finished counter in Terrain.

"We love our new counters! It worked just as you said it would. Hope these pictures show how ugly they were as harvest gold 70's to our new "granite" counters. Our only problem is we wish we had gotten the thicker finish. I understand we get a credit for sending pictures so we will get the better finish at that time.
Thanks!" Kathy Maurer

From Sandy W: "Last year I scoured the internet trying to find an affordable option to update my kitchen countertops. I didn't want new laminate and granite or other stone counters were out of the question. I found a couple 'resurfacing' ideas online but kept coming back to the Armor Garage website and must have looked at the pictures and color samples a hundred times before taking the leap and ordering Ridge Rock with the extra thick topcoat.

The process really could not have been easier. The hardest part was having the patience to wait between steps! My counters were dark blue laminate and had wood trim that I was beginning to despise. Now, people can't believe the difference and how awesome my counters look. It is such realistic granite look that if I didn't tell them they weren't real I don't think they would even notice. My countertops are BEAUTIFUL and now I LOVE the beveled edge of the covered wood trim that I used to hate! I think the Ridge Rock color is perfect if you're going for a neutral look to work the rest of your kitchen around."

Her Before & After:

Although ArmorGranite epoxy countertops may cost a few dollars more, they guarantee you a finish that has the depth, high luster, and smooth texture found in real granite stone with a form anyone can easily apply. Our bathroom and kitchen countertop refinishing kit is ideal for countertops, back splashes, and even entire walls. This is a Premium Quality refinishing kit that will provide a permanent new look to just about any countertop surface in your kitchen or bathroom. Not to be confused with bathtub or tile refinishing kits!

Using our countertop refinishing kits is easy! First, apply the primer and let it dry for one to two hours. Then, apply our granite epoxy using the special roller included in the kit to automatically create the granite effect and leave nothing to chance. After letting it dry overnight, apply two coats of our standard stone clear topcoat on the surface. Alternatively, you can apply a single coating of the extra thick version of our clear coat to provide that high polished granite look with a bartop smooth durable surface.

No need to worry about our epoxy countertops chipping or flaking off as with other cheap refinishing kits. Refinished countertops made with our kits are also highly resistant to scratches, cuts, and heat! And while cheap kits are paper thin and never last, Armor Granite kits are 100 mils thickó20 times thicker than any other kit on the market!

Armor Granite countertop refinishing kits are affordable and less costly than new laminates. Furthermore, you don't need to have special artistic skills to use our kits. You also don't have to worry about working with special chemicals and sprinkling in special effects since the effects are already built into the paint. Armor Granite countertop leaves nothing to chance, guaranteeing you a perfect finish every time!



Standard kits ship out in 2-3 business days.


Coverage is 50 sq. ft. based on smooth, non-porous surfaces. Irregular or porous surfaces such as cinder block may require greater quantities per square foot.

The link below is a word doc that is an in depth review from our customer Kayla who was kind enough to document her entire experience with our kitchen countertop kit from her initial search for a product, installing it, to the product in actual use after several weeks of it being installed. We think this in addition to our standard and now seemingly dull instructions that you can find on the actual Product Page will give you all the information you need to know about the quality of our product and what's involved in applying a new finish to your countertop.


Epoxy Formulation Replicates Real Granite Finish
  • For All Countertops and Back Splashes
  • Super Thick Rock Hard Polished Finish!
  • Heat Resistant to 200 Degrees!
  • Will Not Wear Off, Peel, Crack, Fade or Yellow!
  • Works on Formica, Tiles, Corian or Plywood
  • Complete Kit with Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Easiest Countertop Refinishing Kit to Apply with Professional Results and No Odor! Food Safe.
  • Three Easy Roller on Steps with No Flakes or Special Effects to Apply!